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Raising Vibrations Presents International Sensation Dorothy Holder From The Hit Show Energy Therapies


Date(s) - 05/09/2016
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm ET

Dorothy Holder   Today on Raising Vibrations Radio at 8:30 PM EDT  we spiritedly  present International Sensation Dorothy Holder from the hit show Energy Therapies.  Dorothy is the founder of the Vibrational Expansion Technique of Energy Therapy, using the skills of Clairvoyance, Aura Reading and Hypnotherapy in her Self Development programs. With 17 years full time and 10 years with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy she has found her niche in the world by assisting others past life and personal trauma. Dorothy recently co-author a book and co-created a new hit show with Jenny Satori called Witches Britches a very successful monthly show that brings out the little witch in all of us.  We will be have a lively discussion on many topics. We will open up the lines for you to ask Dorothy your amazing questions.

Check out Dorothy’s website  http://energytherapies.intuitalks.com/

You may contact Reverend Raven at http://www.thereverendraven.com and  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reverend-Raven/986964157983526

Check out our website http://www.raisingvibrationsradio.com/ and be sure to like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/raisingvibrationsradio Thank you for listening and much prosperity to you. {{{Hugs}}} <3


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  1. Reverend Raven

    I want to thank our special guest Dorothy Holder for being so awesome. Please check out here amazing shows and her website.http://energytherapies.intuitalks.com/

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