Raising Vibrations Presents Kindhearted Kelly Jo Monaghan Intuitive Psychic Medium


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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kjofullWelcome to Raising Vibrations Radio with your host The Reverend Raven. Today at 8:30 PM EST  we kindly present Kelly Jo Monaghan an Intuitive Psychic Medium.  Kelly Jo does it all from Psychic Medium/Reader, Investigator, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Dream Interpreter, House Blessings/Clearings, to assisting  in finding lost people, pets and objects.  Kelly Jo’s media experience include the following : TV, Radio, Film – Local West Palm Beach, Florida – Channel 57 and 5 News. Archeology Dig Assignments in Mesa Arizona, Missing Persons cases – Pompano Beach, Florida and Massachusetts. Paranormal Movie Trailers for Commercial Promotions.

As young as early teens, Kelly Jo had embarked on her psychic journey. She worked with another psychic on a long distance murder case in Mass. and on an extremely sensitive and high profile murder case in Florida.

As a gifted clairvoyant, medium, pet psychic and medical intuitive, Kelly Jo has travelled around the United States doing readings, tea parties, Glasonbury fairs, private consultations, pet hands on healing, lectures at Mesa Arizona University to include: From the 80’s – 90’s, spiritual book reviews at Barnes and Noble in Florida.

Medical Intuitive – use this gift for readings in sensitive health matters. Assisting healing, body scans – Pranic healing. Releasing deceased or trapped spirits back into the light of God force.

Over the course of 27 years of professional readings, Kelly Jo has been a guest on several local and national radio and TV programs. To name a few: Channel 57 & Channel 5 News, West Palm Beach, Florida. Guest appearances for predictions for Miami Heat, basketball and pop readings on the Buzz Radio and Channel 57 TV. Written up in the Palm Beach Post for her assistance in helping to solve a murder case. Working with local authorities on crime matters and topics to include haunted houses. Worked on the Polo ponies, doing energy work on the athlete horses.

Worked missing person cases – one in Pompano Beach. He disappeared from a local bar – family called on Kelly Jo’s assistance – after they learned he was murdered. Kelly Jo was called in to find the right bar – needed and gave specific information – details| description of murder, clothing, people, smells, type of car, cowboy boots. Body found as described one year later by the local authorities.

Tea leaf readings or Tea Parties in Naples Florida, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, NC and other numerous places travelled – for entertainment purposes.

80’s worked on two Archeological sites in Arizona which were for the findings for mummified Indian families/people in caves and for iron artifacts located on private lands. Called in for help to find them – by locating the burials and remains.

Further, Kelly Jo has been instrumental in assisting numerous law enforcement agencies around the country in solving murder and missing person cases.

Kelly Jo is available for readings locally and nationally by phone.

To get in touch with Kelly Jo  you can phone here at (561)333-5367 or contact her thru her website 


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