Date(s) - 06/27/2016
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm ET

AlfredRicci-head_lgWelcome to Raising Vibrations Radio with your host Reverend Raven. Today at 8:30 PM EDT  we joyously present  the phenomenal Alfred Ricci.

Alfred Ricci has always been led to experience miracles beyond his understanding. He came from living in shelters and group homes to earning his graduate degree and working in 22 countries as an international banker. Then his Guidance spoke to him directly to inform him it was time to let go of his career and search for meaning.

Alfred’s search led him to Hans Christian King, with whom he has studied directly for 10 years. While assisting Hans King with teaching intuitive development, Alfred began to help his own clients with relationships, family, and spiritual growth through the use of automatic writing, channeling, and co-creation. After many years of teaching individuals how to work directly with Spirit, Alfred’s new focus is bringing spiritual principles into organizations. His seminars and executive coaching reveal how spiritual principles can help achieve bottom line results through the creativity and miracles of enlightened employees.


Alfred will be sharing his experiences with automatic writing and how we co-create our own paths.


To contact Alfred Ricci visit the following websites  or


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