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tommy-teeWelcome to Raising Vibrations Radio with your host The Reverend Raven. Today at 8:30 PM EDT  We  Graciously Present Reggae Recording Artiste Tommy Tee. Tommy Tee will share with us today on the show how is living his passion and manifesting  his dreams. he is also going to share some of his vibrational lifting music with us all.

Born Wade Thompson on November 6, 1973, and raised in a district known as Banbury, located approximately 19 miles NW of Kingston and nestled within the small town of Linstead, in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica; entertainer Tommy T recognised his talent during his formative years and set out on a journey to develop and integrate his musical gift with the world. Growing up in the district of Banbury is not much different from the traditions and culture across other parishes on the island of Jamaica. Kids during those years, must attend church (no matter what denomination), and provisions were made by the elders of the churches organisation, to ensure children look forward to attending regularly. Arguably, many professionals, especially those in the music and athletic fields, realized their special skills and character at church from participation in various activities that involves acting in skits and plays, singing in choirs or at harvest time and participating in sporting events. Such was the case with Tommy T, at 8 years old when he was exposed to singing and performing before a live audience at church, sub-consciously acquiring skills which would subsequently define his future. The town of Linstead is close to the Windalco Ewarton works, a large aluminium plant employing many of the local population. Often employing a job share scheme as work in the area is scarce. It holds a Grand Market celebration each Christmas Eve when people come out and fill the streets, small shops sell toys and other Christmas gifts and event and parties are held in town’s square. It was the influence of these of annual cultural activities, atmosphere and surrounding that Tommy T became popularly known as a singer/entertainer.  In between jobs, some of which included overseas employment, Tommy T maintains his faith and discipline toward his personal goal of becoming a widely known artiste/entertainer. Often faced with financial boundaries, he managed honing skills in writing and singing. He practice regularly in his spare time, and sought guidance of professional musicians to perfect his craft. Tommy T over the years mould himself into a Reggae artiste who has carved a niche fusing elements of the pop genre with reggae complemented with lyrics that are timeless and widely felt across the industry as more appealing by a broad spectrum of listeners.  The pop/reggae recording artiste recorded several songs over the years for various producers however, it was not until year 1994 that Tommy T would record his first official single, Police and Soldier that garnered much support at community levels and landed him performances at concerts across communities throughout and beyond the parish of St. Catherine.  Driven to improve his craft with every track, he recorded another single entitled, Good Girl which subsequently made Radio No: Volume 8, a compilation album released by independent music label 3000 Records. As the years progressed, Tommy T channels his focus toward the release of an album. He works hard at writing tracks for the project as well as selecting musicians and riddims. May 2012, Tommy T released a triple track EP entitled, Music for the Soul produced by TEE and JAA Records. February 2015, Tommy T release two singles of his upcoming album entitled, the all encouraging I Never Learn and Good Use. The release of a debut album is still forthcoming as well as collaborations with more popular reggae and dancehall artistes.

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