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debra-thompsonWelcome to Raising Vibrations Radio with your host The Reverend Raven. Today at 8:30 PM EST  We Delightfully Present the Dynamic Debra A. K. Thompson  founder and coordinator of the Gospel Songwriters Music Workshop, also author of the book titled “Enlightenment-Looking Back to Move Forward”. 

Debra A. K. Thompson is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida.  She and her husband moved to Pensacola, Florida in the early 80’s where they lived for approximately 28 years before returning to the Tampa bay area in 2010.  She is a mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother. She has always had a creative spirit for writing, poetry, singing and music.

Debra is the founder and coordinator of the Gospel Songwriters Music Workshop, founded in 1994 in Pensacola, Florida.  The workshop was moved to the Tampa bay area in 2010 and is still going strong today.  She is also a prolific songwriter and recording artist who has had several of her songs professionally recorded.  Her current project is entitled: “D” Day.  Her music will not only lift you, but it will inspire you as you listen.

Additionally, in the early 1990’s Debra wrote numerous articles for a local Christian-based publication, called the Gospel Express Magazine.  When she returned to the Tampa bay area she started writing specialty articles for a regional publication called Flavour Magazine. She currently writes articles for the Church Bulletin which is also a local publication.

Debra has expanded her writing to include a new book, “Enlightenment-Looking Back to Move Forward”.  This book is a collection of stories designed to share how ordinary life experiences in our past relate to our current life experiences. Debra knows that once you understand the connection, it is easier to learn the things god wants you to learn in your life.  This book is available through Amazon, Kindle, and everywhere books are sold.

Debra is available for speaking engagements, training sessions and workshops.  If you would like to know more about Debra A. K. Thompson, please contact her at: or visit her website at: You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook : 

If you want to know more about the Gospel Songwriters Music Workshop visit:

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